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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Its sweaty summertime!!….well almost, it is actually raining pretty hard in Minnesota Today…..anyways back to the enthusiasm! Everyone is much more willing to get out and be active in the summer sun, but the extra activity and heat comes with one little problem, SWEAT. There is good news however…. WSI Sports has the answer: advanced fabric technologies. With the innovative WikMax and Microtech lines, you can maximize your summer fun, while minimizing your summer stink!

                WSI’s WikMax uses a patented “T” technology that rapidly pushes all perspiration to the outside of the fabric, and then quickly spreads it out, to allow for speedy evaporation. So when you inevitably start to break that nice summer sweat, no need to worry, the WikMax will keep the fabric against your skin dry and comfortable, while it works to rapidly wick away the moisture you create.

                The Microtech deploys its own hyper wicking moisture management system, and even offers a variety of 22 different colors. You can be sure stay dry and fly wearing Microtech!

                Okay, we get it; you will be dry all summer in this gear, so what about the smell? Both the WikMax and Microtech lines also incorporate an Anti-Microbial finish. This means that both fabrics will cut back on the odor and bacteria you produce during a good workout. Our Anti-Microbial finish deodorizes your body odor 70% more effectively than a typical cotton shirt. No need to worry about ruining your fun in the sun with BO, WSI has you covered!

                So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the summer weather, grab a WSI Sports shirt, stay dry, stay fly, and most of all, HAVE FUN!

For more information on WikMax and Microtech gear, visit

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